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How to Market Your Fund

The JOBS Act has created new opportunities to reach targeted, accredited investors yet few asset management groups are capitalizing on it.

We aren’t talking about advertising, but about targeted, precise media strategies that introduce your fund or portfolio directly to accredited investors.

The financial industry has been slow to adopt any new marketing methods under the JOBS Act even though every successful business and industry understands new business drives all business.

Imagine any service sector industry trying to sell a product without a website. It doesn’t happen for a reason.

The old era of slow introductions to investors is over. Now is the time to take advantage of modern technologies and leverage your message and expertise in a direct way that motivates investors to call.

Here are a few strategies has used under the JOBS Act to help financial groups reach new investors.

- These is no better way to leverage any message than through the mass media, but we aren’t talking about ads or commercials. Investors watch CNBC and read the Financial Times for perspective and news updates. We position your fund into the conversation by identifying the solid news angle that will get your story told in the media. No amount of money can buy these placements. These news stories are secured with tactical editorial and programming strategies that come from our insider media experience. and outreach strategies that require a media insider’s perspective to execute.

– Another persuasive method to reach new investors is through first-person editorials. These op-eds and essays position your portfolio manager as an industry leader with unique expertise. MaciasPR has used this strategy to secure first-person stories on, Business Insider and others. We can also ghost-write stories under your name.

– Every asset management group uses internal research for better perspective. This internal research can be used to write white papers that can help promote and introduce your fund to investors. A well-written white paper can also be leveraged with the media. MaciasPR has used client white papers to secure stories with Bloomberg News, Financial Times, CNN In-depth whitepapers lend the credibility that is needed to sell your fund or portfolio to journalists. MaciasPR can write, edit and package your white papers for deeper distribution that brings in new investors.

- Crisis Communications is a catchy buzzword but few publicists understand from the inside how to manage negative news. With you have an experienced crisis consultant should your business unexpectedly need it.

– Are your clients deleting your emails after reading the fund’s performance? These newsletters provide an intimate opportunity to reach the larger social network of your clients. Every newsletter should be crafted in an engaging way that encourages clients to share that content with their wealthy friends. They should be viewed as a soft introduction to your clients’ social base and positioned in a way that encourages sharing.

– You can't run a successful service-sector business in this modern world without a website, yet fewer than 5 percent of funds registered with the SEC have an online presence. has designed and built websites that have created an online footprint for asset management clients. We have also leveraged the media to help improve our clients' search engine ranking with Google, so potential investors find them with strategic keywords.

– can be a visual and engaging way to explain or demonstrate the concepts behind a complicated fund. When produced at the highest level, videos can educate investors so they will feel more confident with your fund's strategy. Videos also give news websites additional content they can share with their readers.

has experience getting portfolio managers in front of the most influential business news organizations in the world. We have secured media placements with CNBC, the New York Times, Bloomberg News, Thomson Reuters, Institutional Investor Magazine, Asia Hedge Magazine, Hedge Funds Review, International Business Times and others. We have also made introductions to financial reporters in the US, London, Asia and the Middle East.

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